Episode 4 – First Cut is the Deepest

Uploaded: August 4, 2017 @ 9:35 pm

About this Episode

Phil, Dennis and Paul discuss their choices for best opening song of an album.

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Who won last episode's debate?

Imagine - Phil 2 ( 22.22 % )
Welcome to the Jungle - Paul 4 ( 44.44 % )
Hells Bells - Dennis 3 ( 33.33 % )

This Episode's Discussion

  • Uncle Vinny says:

    Great episode. Fun to hear you guys go ” off script”. All great entries but “Imagine” is in a league of it’s own. Good thing it wasn’t an accumulated point system. “Teen Spirit” with solid second place votes wild have cleaned up.

    First track, first record, band and sound introduction: “Black Sabbath”.

    Ps. Thanks for the mention.

    • UDPCPodcast says:

      Thanks for listening vin! We gotta get you on one of these days!!! Also we’re gonna try something new with the audio next time so keep listening.

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