Episode 16 – Booze and Broadway: A Besotted Debate

Uploaded: November 13, 2017 @ 10:14 pm

About this Episode

Tune in as Peacock from The Besotted Geek Podcast tries to keep the boys and Stork in line while they debate the best musical. Also included in this episode: a “smoothie” incident, Stork goes to war with the other Castaways, and Stork and Phil do their “best” Home Video Hustle impression.

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Who won last episode's debate?

Tommy (Dennis) 0 ( 0 % )
Cabaret (Peacock and Stork) 0 ( 0 % )
Grease (Paul) 1 ( 100 % )
Jesus Christ Superstar (Phil) 0 ( 0 % )

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